Janey Camacho
Manager, Consumer Affairs
7-Eleven, Inc.
2711 N. Haskell Avenue
Dallas, TX 75204

March 20, 2001

Dear Janey,

     Hi, my name is NAME USED, and I am an independent Filmmaker. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, which is the slurpee capital of the world (or so I've been told). I drink your slurpees almost everyday, and so do most of my friends. It has become somewhat of a habit.

     One of my main concerns in writing you today is that I have been making a film, and contain scenes, which involve your slurpees being used. I will not lie about my genre of film: I make Amateur Adult features. They are commonly shown in the local Adult theatres. The film I am currently working on is called "Spoon Straws". It involves nude people being covered in your product, and having it sucked off by your model spoon straws. The only dialogue in the film is people constantly saying "Spoon straw". There are graphic hardcore scenes, which I am sure would only arouse you if I them detailed further.

     The whole idea of the video is to reach the same target audience as your slurpee lovers in Winnipeg. This is the slurpee capital of the world, and we do find slurpees to be very attractive. I believe that people have a fetish for this sort of thing. Statistics show that two out of every five people enjoy watching Adult features. My business is based on that statistic. Within the same group of people, 4 out of the five drink slurpees from your stores on a regular basis (once again adhering to the label "Slurpee capital of the world").

     What I basically need from you is a letter of permission to keep using your product for my films. I would possibly be willing to place a member of you Corporate Executive Officers in a role. I think that it would also help promote your product.

     If you could get back to me promptly, I wish to resume shooting as soon as my actors come back from holidays. If this letter has reached the wrong extension, could you please forward it to the appropriate department? Thank you.

With thanks,
Name Used Chermeka supporter for life.

Ps. if you could send me some free slurpee coupons, it would help my budget out.

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