LETTERS AT LARGE started in 1998 as a writing excercise while bored sitting around rehearsals for plays that I had bit parts in. Initially I had not intention of ever sending the letters I had written, but after been urged by numerous people I let read them, it became apparent that sending them was probably the next step.

       It took a little while to get the craft down to where I was getting a good reply ratio, but eventually I started to receive tons of good replies, that were not just a typical form letter. I slowly started to build a collection, and eventually kept copies in a binder which I would show friends to amuse.

       Around 2001/2002, while showing the letters to an improv friend of mine, she suggested I turn the letters into a stage show and try to start doing fringe festival shows or something similiar to it. So, the Letters At Large show first made its appearance in the lobby of the MTC Warehouse in 2002. From there it bounced around numerous local comedy shows that came and went, until it started to be performed at festivals.

        Some people who deserve thanks for the the path show took , ideas, and support in general are: Crumbs, Steve Sim, Lee White, Becky Johnson, Ron Moore, Asmara, Jarrett Miller, Marcel Perro, Fred Madayag, Gru-G, Steven McIntyre, Al Rae, Jason Andrich, Leif Norman, Jeff Uhl and Jeremy Cockerill, The Parents and Siblings, various jobs, and boredom....

1. All letters are 100% unaltered and genuine.

2. There have been over 800 letters sent to companies over the years, but inbetween 200-300 are original stories, the others are just copies of the same story sent to a different company in the same industry (this is to try to get varied responses and increase the chance of a response).

3. I have tried to include mostly letters on this site that have responses, with the occasional letter that is still "at large".

4. I also try to only display letters that have legitimate responses, rather than form letters, but sometimes it is fun to play around with form letters or brochures, so those letters are included on this site.

5. I have blurred out the names and addresses used. This is to protect addresses i have used (not all are PO Boxes) and also to keep businesses from knowing the names used (yeah, like businesses are going to come ot my site and browse the the letters)

6. Please, if you have an idea for a letter, send it in. My mind isnt what it used to be.

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