506 South Grand Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90071

July 1st, 2001

Dear Sir Or Madam,

     I wish to make reservations at your restaurant for September 16th 2001 at 9:16p.m. I will have eleven business associates and attachés with me. There are some concerns that I wish to address before finalising my reservations.

     To be quite honest, I've made a terrible error in judgement; I have lied to my associates. I have told them that I a frequent, prefered customer at your restaurant, and that you will specially make any dish for me.

     It is my hope your restaurant would be willing to cover up my mistake. I will order a dish not on your menu. I will inform you prior to our visit what my dish will be. They will serve it to me with "Compliments from the Chef". I, of course, would be willing to generously compensate your staff for the extra effort and ingredients. I am hoping we can work something out.

     I would also like the staff to address me as their BEST BUDDY, so my associates will believe I am a frequent guest. I would be willing to send you a photo of myself so your staff can recognise me. Again, I will compensate your restaurant for any inconvenience I cause to other guests.

     Please reply to me and address the concerns I have. Does you restaurant have a tennis court to play on, pre-meal? Inform me of any other additional information your require from me to complete my reservation. You have come highly recommended to me, and I intend to be a loyal, generous customer.

Yours Truly,
FPA Whitman Tech

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