Bronx Zoo Public Relations
Bronx Zoo/Wildlife Conservation Park
Bronx, NY

April 3rd, 2000

Dear Sir Or Madam,

     Hi, my name is NAME USED, and I am a resident of Winnipeg, Manitoba (as you can see from above). I work as a Community Club board member in our local neighbourhood. We will be holding our annual Potluck Social in September and were wondering if you could make any donations (of animals).

     We realise your budget may be limited, which is why we only ask for domestic animals (it would be too hard to manage exotic ones). We were hoping for maybe a few monkeys, prairie dogs (which are common in Manitoba), or even an Ewe. Some of the members of our community travel to New York frequently, and would be able to make all the transportation arrangements. If you could please reply to us regarding your decision, either way (we always like hearing from our American neighbours).

     I myself have a couple of questions I would like to ask about your facility. How many tourists do you get on average? I have heard your zoo is very lovely, but not in the best of neighbourhoods. A friend of mine has suggested that the animals are in the cages not for peoples protection, but for their own! Has your zoo ever housed giraffes? I have never seen giraffes. I went to the San Diego Zoo (who, at the time, had giraffes) as a child once, but the giraffes had unfortunately died.

     I am planning on being in New York in late August and would love to visit your zoo (especially if you have giraffes). If you could please reply, and address my concerns (and questions), I would be most appreciative.

Sincerely Yours,

Even the Mail Carriers in The Bronx Are Tough, They Beat The Envelope Up With Stamps

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