Canada Post
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Sept 24th , 2005

Dear Canada Post:

     I was looking at your website and I was unable to find out the proper postage rate for a letter I need to send. My cousin, Steve, is currently on the International Space Station, and I figured it would be a good idea to send him a letter. I saw postage rates for Canada, USA, and International, but nothing for Orbital or Interplanetary (whatever the space station would be categorized as).

     Iíve got all the proper mailing information; his current coordinates and such, I just donít want this letter to come back to me for something as simple as improper postage. We have had a bit of falling out a few months ago, and I have since written him a really heartfelt apology. I honestly could just email it to him, but a letter would let him know how serious my apology is, plus it is a more personalized approach at making amends.

      Could you please get back to me on what the rate is? I would really appreciate it.

In anticipation of your reply,

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