#837 Charmant Offictel 1165
Pungdukchen-Dong, Suji-Gu, Yongin-Si
Kyeonggi-Do, South Korea 448-555

Edmonton Transit System
PO Box 2610, Stn. Main
Edmonton, AB
T5J 3R5

December  28th, 2007

Hello Edmonton Transit!
            My name’s Park-Suk-So. I am 12 year old student from Yongin, Korea. My English Academy has project to write to foreign place that we have visit before. My teacher help find address for you, it is hard! So I am writing to Edmonton. I many times ride the bus there, and it was much fun!
            We are supposed to talk of experience we have had with business, and this summer, when I visit my uncle, I had magical experience on Edmonton bus.
            Many handsome people ride the bus with me. But the most handsome of all was famous person Brad Pitt. I thought I knew it was him, and I ask him, “You are Brad Pitt”, and he say yes. He then tell me that he ride the bus everyday, and that I should let Jesus into my life. “Well,” I say, “Jesus is already my knowing”. He then gave me paper of god and ask me for my email. I did not have, so I tell him no. He was very nice man, much like on TV!  He keep talk to me my whole ride. It is strange because he must not have much money, because he ask me for change. I did not have, but he gave me hug anyways! Nice man.
            Please write back to me. My grade is more if I get reply for my letter. Please let me know if you understand my English. I wish to get better in future. Please tell me of what Brad Pitt do now! I miss my friend. Please tell him I see Jesus. Please reply soon, my project finish is in February end!

Thank you so much
 In wait of your writing!




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