The Following Letter Was Sent to Both BC Ferries and Washington State Ferries

BC Ferries
1112 Fort St.
Victoria BC
V8V 4V2

Sept 20th , 2005

Dear BC Ferries:

     I recently took your Ferry from Tsawwassen to Swartz Bay. Having never traveled by one before, I was excited for the experience. Although the ship itself was quite beautiful, and the scenery was fantastic, I have to admit I am a little disappointed at the lack of Dolphins along the trip.

     I think your Ferry trip should include more Dolphins. Whoever is in charge of that department should be made aware of this and do something to correct this. An occasional whale would also be a nice addition.

     Please write back to me and let me know this letter was received. This letter should not be taken as a complaint, as I did enjoy much the ride, but should rather be seen as a worthwhile suggestion. I have thought of the possibility that the timeslot of the ferry I took is one of the trips without dolphins. It was a 2:00pm ferry on Tuesday of last week. Please let me know if this is indeed the case, in which case, I am sorry for not making myself aware of this.

     How many ferries does your company have? Iím not entirely sure which one I took, so I can not send you the name of the ship at this time.

In anticipation of your reply,

Name Used

Just to make sure I had seen some marine life, they sent me this postcard

Here is the back of it,


Look how much more playful BC Ferries was, than Washington State. Atleast they acted like they had some control over the wildlife, whereas Washington just got down to the brass tack truth.

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