Flamingo Hilton
255 North Sierra St.
Reno, Nevada

March 18th, 2000

Dear Sir Or Madam,

     Hi, I would like to reserve two tickets for you November 16th Elvis Presley show. If you require my credit card, or any additional information, please let me know in your reservation confirmation reply letter.

     My wife and I have been a huge fan of his for fifty years, and are finally taking the time to see him in the flesh. Can you believe after all these years he still manages to shake those hips? I've had a hip replacement myself, and I am only two years older than he is !!

     I hope that our letter has reached you before your show is sold out. If it is sold out, please let us know in your reply to us. He has always been the King, and we are his loyal servants.

Looking forward to seeing Elvis Presely,

Name Used

ps. Viva Las Vegas !!

I really just wanted this hotel to tell me Elvis was no longer with us... guess they didnt want to break the news.


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