The Winnipeg Free Press
ATTN: Reward Club
1355 Mountain Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R2X 3B6

Dear Reward Club:

April 11, 2006

          The other day I came home to find your reward Club PRESS CARD sitting on my kitchen table. My parents have had a subscription to your newspaper for the past 35 odd years and it is great to see your publication rewarding its subscribers by empowering them as Press agents.  

          To be honest, my parents didn’t really know what the card meant. My father had tossed out the letter it came without actually reading it, but I instantly knew what it meant. And let me say, to be an honorary Press agent is, well, nothing short of an honor. I think more publications show reward their loyal subscribers like you have.

          Without haste, I immediately started to put the card to use. I spent almost all of last week using it to get into the Winnipeg Comedy Festival shows. The second they saw I was attending on the Free Press’ behalf, I was ushered in. It also enabled me to get into the VIP party at the York Hotel and meet quite a few comics/celebrities that I have been seeing on TV for years. Amongst others I met George Stroumboulopoulous, Glen Foster, Rowdy Roddy Piper, and the director of the festival, Al Rae. All of which were more than willing to pose for pictures when they saw my card. I have included a couple of those pictures in this letter incase you wish to use them for the paper.
          Anyways, please write back to me and let me know this letter was received. I know I could have simply emailed you, but I figure since you took the time to send us a real letter, I should do the same. How many others did you bestow this privilege to? Surely we aren’t alone.
          I am very excited to attend a lot more events in the future. I know there are a few concerts coming up that I can’t wait to get into.

          Again, thank you so much.

In anticipation of your reply,


JD Sinclair


Me and George Stroumbolonbolous

Me and Glen Foster

Me and Al Rae (artistic director of the festival)


So, what happened after will have to wait until I am in Canada again. It is a long and detailed story... I did really used this pass to get in the comedy festival.



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