Winnipeg Zoo
460 Assiniboine Park Drive
Winnipeg, Manitoba,
Canada R3P 2N7

July 26th, 2001

Dear Sir or Zookeeper,

     I was in your zoo the other day, and I saw something very disturbing. As a resident of Manitoba, I have frequented your zoo on a regular basis for the past twenty years. I have always been aware of the “No Straws in Beverages” rule.

     While walking around the snake facility, I was approached by a very shady character. He offered me a straw for the bottle of coca-cola that I was drinking. I explained to him that straws were forbidden inside your zoological compound. The man refused to take no for an answer and kept soliciting.

     To be honest, I bought all of his straws (but I was doing it for the animals). I feared that the man might sell some of his straws to other passers-by and they might be careless with their straws. Upon purchasing the straws (it was a fair price), I immediately placed them securely into the closest garbage bin.

     Has this always been a problem at your zoo? I can only suggest that your beef up the security around the snake den. The man was about 6 foot seven, and I believe he said his name was Leenis. He had a scar on his neck, and a tattoo of “Ruby, the Clown” on his left elbow.

     Could you please write back to me and let me know that you have received my letter? I find it hard to trust the postal system nowadays. Please let me know if others have reported such offenses against your regulations. I have always been an admirer of your zoo, and I hate to see a few bad eggs ruining your facility for the rest of us. How many visitors do you get on a yealry basis? How come you have never had giraffes? I was at the San Diego Zoo onetime, and they allowed visitors to feed the giraffes (one group of people actual got to ride them).

I Look Forward To Your Reply.
Sincerely Yours,




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